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Esok hari raya

Compulsory menu for hari raya ei'dul fitri :)
Ketupat Bawang
Ketupat Palas
Rendang Daging
Kuah Kacang
i loike! ;)

Buka Puasa at HR Steak House

Date: 26th September 2008
Activities: Break-fast & Karaoke ;)

Joined by: Member's of PKBM (Laut)

Buka Puasa at Senibong, Permas Jaya JB

It's about an hour from UTM skudai to Senibong Village Seafood. Beautiful sea scenery surrounded by comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

Asking myself

I ask myself time and time again why do i do what i do? Why do you do when you know something is bad for you? It's because there's novelty in wanting and doing something that's not supposed to be done. There's a certain thrill when you do something bad. There's a certain satisfaction when you know you're not as good as how you think you are. Something bad, that's something very subjective. But what i'm putting myself through right now...i know it's bad. or at least, not good. I should probably steer away from this as far as possible, perhaps as far as a deadly contagious incurable rare disease. But me being me, i find pleasure in hurting myself although i know that in the end i'm going to et so crushed like those groundnuts being put in the blender of full speed. I'll be careful though, i know i'm stepping on sharp broken glass. At least i know what i'm getting myself into so that's not so bad. Worry about the consequences later, when it's a bit too little too late. But for now, just for now...let me soak in your high raspy voice, let me bathe in your warm sweet words, let me let you take me. You can go ahead and break me into a million pieces all over again some time soon when we've had enough. I'll be prepared this time round, as prepared as snow white eating her second red apple :)

I foresee, i foresee that it'll be a long long night later. Heck, you don't even need a crystall ball to see i'll be up tonight trying my hardest to come one step close to completing the thesis and assignments. oooooooh, of sleepless nights. Now, where's my golden can sugar rush, gotta have some.hehe.


Overnite? extremely tired la. I was going for movie last Saturday night with my dearest one. Tired but deeply in my heart i felt happy and blissful ;) After watching that horror movie, we were lepaking at Stulang and also Danga Bay. I have no idea where is the suit area to lepaking coz i'm just too innocent..yeke? haha. words to express for this excited day, HAPPINESS!

This is a part of us.. happy scrolling ;)

It's over

Why? i dunno why. Tanya hati sendiri.
nothing gonna change the facts.
Thanks to myself for being apart of me :)

What a tired day.huh!

I woke up about 10am..pastu mandi and terus gi post office n kuar duit. After wat mende x berfaedah tu, aku gi la library. Konon2 nk cari jurnal kt sane, tp xdapat jugak sbb sume komputer full and byk yg disconnected and so many problems. Da la aku tak bawak laptop. At least kalo bawak leh gak la aku search tru wireless..hampeh tol. Then, after meet some of my classmate, aku memberanikan diri gi jumper supervisor psm aku, Dr Hamid. Fuh, da la ilmu belum penuh di dada. Abes aku kena perli gak r ngn supervisorku. He knew that i'm not prepared well in my topic. Camne aku nk prepare..aku still blank ag ngn tajuk ni. Cm was-was pn ade. Pas bincang (perbincangan yg aku byk diam), aku pn decide nk try cari pasal catchment analysis. Pe kebende tu? aku pon blom sure. Ni baru nk search la ni..hehe.

Class ptg lak kul 4pm start..da la aku dtg awal, so terpakse la lepak jer tggu smpai kul 4pm. Nk balik bilik jauh plak..Pas abes Lab, aku gi bazar bli Nasi Ayam n air longan(lagi?) utk buke pose nanti. I've no idea lah nk makan ape.. ;)

Malam lak about 10pm aku gi fakulti search utk jurnal quality standard. Punye la payah nk dapat. Tensen gak try punye try, ade la jugak tajuk yg ade kaitan sket2. After settle keje2 mencari tu, aku gi lepak ngn yam & mai kt Aliff. Tgk cite apocalypto..cite sal puak2 dlm utan tu. Punye la kejam cite tu..aku tgk bab2 kelar-mengelar ni cm geli sket. Tp nk tgk jugak. Try la korang usha2..besh utk tatapan bg org2 yg kejam.hehehehe.
Balik about 2am..n skang nk wat keje. Tp cm hampeh jugak, printer aku da abes ink wey! Da la aku nk print jurnal..tensen siot! Shower foam aku pn abes..apehal sume abes ni..isk, sok tpakse r gi blik gak..

And btw, yesterday was Zaki's birthday (Date of birth: 15September1989). He's my the one n only brother. Wish you happy and get something usefull for your becoming life. Even tho he's not successful in his studies, i know, he'll become SOMEONE someday. Amin ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY again.hehe.

My lil brother n cousin

New of starting path

Happy Break-fast and Ramadhan Al-Mubarak to all my peeps, my friends, my lovers and also blogger's reader ;) Da 13 ari da umat islam berpuase. I'm excited to meet 1st Syawal. Boleh blk kampung and makan-makan.weeeee..i loike!hehe.
What was our delight for break-fast today?
  • Nasi Lemak Ayam
  • Longan Ais
  • Kurma (of course)
  • Tomyam (Yati bagi and it's taste delicious!)
Nyum..nyum..what's our food for tomorrow? Dunnoo yet ;) Sahur sok, i've to cook! huh.dunno how to cook..seb baek ade bubur instant. Bubur utk esok. Yeah!hehe. What and how it taste? Ntah la. Hav to wait for tomorrow morning..
Ok next, there's sort of list of assignment yang blom setel lagi. Camne nak siap wahai cik mira, asyik berangan n on9 shopping jer. But i'm luvin it!heeee. Ok ok, tonite have to read journal for quality and plez plez n plez summarize skali. Da takde mase pon ni. Kena submit before raye or else tak leh balik raye..wawawa. I missed my home. My mom's cook. Can't wait until next 2 weeks!!

Ehem, cm gini baru btol study darls ;)

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