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..coz she thinks everything is belong to her

Ke sana ke mari hari ini <3

Today activities:

9.30 am until 11.10am – Meeting for Rental Collection

11.45am until 1.15pm – Out for Inspection at No 3 Jalan Ethan (New tenancy wants to

look around the house – Tom Abang Saufi <>

1.15pm until 2.30pm – Ali Baba’s Kebab (Yaser Trading) at Jalan Ampang

Puas sudah kami berjalan-jalan arini..seronok sungguh. Bos treat our lunch *thanks boss*. Selalu asal nak kuar pergi inspection mesti aku ‘terpakai’ baju kurung.ape la hai…

To conclude today’s activities, not boring…mkn kenyg..x ngantuk..best2.. (:

For my motivation only (go go myra!....):
  • Creating happiness from the inside out
  • Turning my fear into courage
  • Letting go of judgment
  • Leading with the heart


Just seat at the office doing my daily task..kebosanan betol.

Good morning Malaysia!

Time: 8:05am
Place: My neat and tidy work table '')
I'm going to work early today. Not much to do for this morning but might be very busy on this afternoon. Do my inspection report..*adeehhhh* and some more task to finish up. Emm..recently, i have a new hobby..reading.haha..since when i am not very sure. But it is a good improvement for my attitude right yang suke sangat berpeleseran di waktu siang..*i likkkeeeee!*wink wink*
Ok people, time to start my work.actually starts at 8.45am..'') tapi..i kan a very hardworking worker.huhuhuhu.

What is the things can make me happy?

1. Laptop
2. My teddy bear
3. when i take a shower
4. take a lot of picture
5. Chocolate
6. Driving
7. sleeping
8. playing with my imagination (but sometimes i don't like it!)
9. listening to my favorite music
10. Mount climbing
11. at the beach
12. sweet scent
13. when i received a present
14. SHOPPING of course!
15. perfume
16. my dream come true
17. people appreciate what i am doing
18. look at the stars
19. have a good rest at my favorite spa
20. if someone be a good listener to me

i'm all alone (2)

mood: tired
i feel so tired today. Going back and have an hour nap + watching a tv. Life goes on with the same activities (except for public holiday of course!) To much to think about my work *duh* report la inspection la maintenance la messy people la..Damn tired. Now i have to finish up two proposal by next week.*pening pening*
Anyway, i went to No.4 Jalan Page which is stated LGMPC's bungalow. it's empty. sometimes look like haunted house *scared* And my task, to think how to manage and maintain this bungalow so that people willing to rent. Sound easy and simple but it's not! So many thing to do. Do you know how much the rental price??? for the 1st time i heard, i don't believe it.. RM4,000.. Mahalnyeee!!! So guys, make sure you have 'sugar daddy' to support your life..*lol*

It's tough to be a teenager

I'm a teenager. Yeah of course! I'm just 21.
but it's tough to be a teenager. No one really knows. What the pressure is like in life, this is how it goes. I wake up every morning and stare into this face. I wanna be good looking, but i feel like a disgrace.
My friends they seems to like me, if i follow through with their dare but when i try to be myself, they never seem to care..''(
It seems like everyone i know trying to be so cool and every time i try, i end up just a fool. Maybe if i could make a team, i will stand out in the crowd. If they could see how hard i try, i know they would be proud.
Sometimes i am really lost and wonder what to do.i wonder where to go.who can i talk to.
It's tough to be a teenager, sometimes life's not fair. I wish i had somewhere to go, and someone to CARE..

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