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After a month

After a month and a week of internship, I started to feel that working is not for me :p. I totally prefer studying. Honestly! Aduhai susahnye jd pekeje ni. Nak jadi boss pun lagi la susah+penat melayan kerenah pekerja yang macam-macam. Ni ape yang aku rase bezenye Working and Studying..

  • Studying- Dun haf to wake up early in the morning for 5 days straight.
  • Working- Totally have to. Plus, it's continuous!!
  • Studying- You can skip class as u like
  • Working- No suke-suke holiday for u. Sigh~!
  • Studying- If got morning class and u totally malas to get up dat morning but still wanting to go to class, can ganti on the evening or the next day!
  • Working- The time is already fixed! No replacement whatso eva. Haiyoh
  • Studying- Anytime is ur enjoy time *Except during exams :s*
  • Working- Balik from keje da malam =ngantok=tido... So wikens jeh! Urgh~~!

Working is even sucker when u have to come to work when there's no work to be done that day. Frustrating I tell u! U just sit around, forcing helplessly for the eyelid to open all the time and not caught lazyboning :| The only good thing when working is at the end of the month, u gain money. i love money..but i am not materialistic tau. Yeah Baby :D
So Im planning to get a job which requires very less job with high high pay and no fix working hours heheh! Anyone?? ;;)


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